2014 Year End Contributions

Happy Holidays to Friends of Work Opportunities!

All of us want and need opportunities. Most of us can trace the success we have experienced in our careers and our relationships to that special someone- possibly a teacher, youth pastor, scout leader, coach, or a family member-who has seen the spark within us and has taken a special interest in helping us along the way; opening doors to expose us to a whole new world of possibilities. That’s what Work Opportunities strives to do.

Work Opportunities’ primary role is to “open doors” for people with disabilities by helping them find and succeed in jobs that match up well with their skills and interests. Thus far in 2014, Work Opportunities has assisted over 450 people with disabilities in three counties identify their goals and move through those doors, onto their career paths. Over 100 individuals with disabilities have been hired into community jobs (many for the first time); nearly 300 have received training and support in their community jobs and 75 new businesses have, for the first time, hired individuals with disabilities through our program. We have many of you to thank for this successful year. Through your contributions, volunteer efforts, your participation in Work Opportunities fundraising events, and/or your willingness to hire a person with a disability into your business, you have made a difference in the lives of people with disabilities by opening doors and helping dreams come true.

The holiday season is a perfect time to thankfully reflect upon the important gifts in life- our families, our friends, our neighborhoods, our community, and our jobs. During this season of giving, we hope that you will consider an end-of-the-year tax deductible gift to Work Opportunities. Your gift will make a difference, by helping our organization minimize the impact of funding cuts and limitations, ensuring that people with disabilities in our communities are presented with the opportunities to get those jobs and to see and experience the many good things on “the other side of the door”.

Work Opportunities thanks you for your interest, and the role you play in helping us fulfill our organization’s important mission. We thank you so much for your generosity and we wish you all the best throughout the holiday season and the coming year!


Phil McConnell, Executive Director

Work Opportunities



“The Mission of Work Opportunities is to promote self-determination, self-respect, and valued participation in the community for people with disabilities through work.”