Vocational Services

Work Opportunities’ provides a variety of services to meet the needs of our program participants and partner employers.

We help individuals with disabilities interested in obtaining employment explore their interests, talents, competencies, and support needs with the aid and expertise of an employment specialist qualified in assessing, identifying, and building employment skills.

Below are ways we can help a person with disability move forward on their career path:

Job Tours – Job seekers tour community employment sites that match the individual’s interests.

Assessments – An employment specialist works with the individual and their support team to determine what job will be the best match for the person and their skills.

Job Tours and Job Shadowing – Participants in our services can shadow an employee within a business.  They can observe tasks and sometimes have the opportunity to perform the types of tasks and responsibilities required in order to get an idea of the job.

Volunteering – Job seekers can learn about work environments and experience tasks that give them the chance to identify what they like to do while contributing to their community.

Job Development and Placement – For individuals who are certain about the work they want to pursue, our employment specialist will engage in marketing and recruitment activities to approach employers on behalf of the individual looking for employment. The goal is the job seeker gaining integrated employment in a position that matches with his/her skills and interests.

Training and Retention – Assistance is provided to help participants maintain employment. The length of time needed will vary depending on the individual’s support needs and funding options. The new employee is supported to learn and accomplish the tasks of the job; communicate with co-workers; and become part of the fabric of that employer’s workforce.

Once the employee and employer are secure in knowing that this is the right job match, the Work Opportunities’ employment specialist continues to provide the necessary follow-along support.  Support will decrease over time as the employee becomes more proficient in their job responsibilities.