Whatcom County Services

Our Whatcom team serves more than 100 individuals annually and employs eleven local staff. We partner with dozens of businesses all over Whatcom County and developed 38 new job matches in 2018.

Whatcom Work Opportunities was born in 2007. We first came to Whatcom County when teaming up with a sheltered workshop, Northwest Industries. Our goal was to help those individuals find community-based employment in addition to their jobs in the workshop. Northwest Industries ended up closing in 2008, and Work Opportunities decided to keep investing in the relationships with those participants and become another employment agency in the county. All of those individuals have since found paid, integrated, community-based jobs. We contract with DDA, DVR, and DSB to provide employment services for adults in our community.

Our Whatcom Office consists of a team of eleven dedicated staff with years of experience in this field. We love helping our clients reach their goals and we’re grateful to work in this community.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an informational meeting, please call or email Julia Smith, Whatcom County Program Manager at 360-306-3957 ext. 221.