Meet Our Team

Paul Crawford
Board President
Ty Chang
Board Vice President
Brenda Carrithers
Board Secretary
Raj Matthew
Board Treasurer
Joan Longstaff
Board Member
Marilyn Pricco
Board Member
April Hogan
Board Member
Dean Sutton
Board Member
Rich Jenulis
Board Member
Kate Swanson
Board Member
Eric Harcrow
Board Member
Brittany McManus
Board Member
Carrie Morehouse
Executive Director
Jen Huard
Director of Vocational Services
Marti Thomas
Director of Fund Development
Erin Jamieson
Director of Administrative Services
Doug Franklin
Director of Facilities
Lindsay Piper
Transition Services & Project SEARCH Program Manager
Angela Tune
Snohomish County
Team 1 Program Manager
Tess Hernandez
Snohomish County
Team 2 Program Manager
Julia Smith
Whatcom County Program Manager