Promoting self-determination, self-respect and valued participation in the community for persons with disabilities.

Dear Friends of Work Opportunities,

         Communities are being significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the last couple weeks, we have all been working together creating a new normal. We are in new times, working to create a sense of stability. Our staff and board have been incredibly responsive to the needs of our clients, navigating daily changes in the community.

Work Opportunities provides essential supported employment services to nearly 450 people with disabilities in Snohomish, King and Whatcom Counties. Many of the clients we all care about, cannot risk their already compromised health.  And many that can and want to go to work, have seen their businesses shut down.  When we are unable to provide services to these clients, we lose funding.

While our offices continue to stay closed and staff are working remotely, we remain committed providing services to those who are still able and needing to work.

Our communities are strong and we know we will all come through these difficult times, however, we can’t do it alone. Thank you for your understanding and the care you show people with disabilities and our community.

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