Project SEARCH

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Transcript with visual description


Audio Description: Text Project SEARCH. Everett, Washington. A grid with nine panes of people. A man with a mask on walks down an aisle between shelves of goods.

Project Search Student 1: When I first started, I would say I was nervous. But I feel like my confidence grew more and more.

Audio description: A man with a mask on puts a stack of towels in a cabinet.

Project Search Student 2: Now, I can stack items, take food to customers, and do office project by my own. I’m proud of myself.

Audio description: He smiles and gives a thumbs up.

A woman in front of rows of lockers.

Project Search Student 3: I serve food, and I serve salad. I serve pizza to customers. And I love it. It’s prepare me to get a job.

Audio description: She wears a mask and a face shield.

A woman with a mask on sits at a desk and works with papers. She talks on the phone.

Project Search Student 4: And though I had so much self-doubt, they encouraged me through it. And by the end of my internship, I was working all by myself and became proud of what I was capable of.

Audio description: Video chat split screen. On the left: Diana Ferrell Parent of Project SEARCH student. On the right: Rebekah Kim, Project SEARCH skills trainer.

Diana Ferrell: High school, she could hardly even raise her hand to go to the bathroom. She couldn’t speak up. Her head was always down. She was just a very timid and shy and just didn’t have any confidence whatsoever. And the transformation has been incredible for her. I mean, I am just astounded.

Project Search Student 5: I feel like I could take on any job and be successful.

Audio description: Phil Smidt, Project SEARCH Instructor.

Phil Smidt: Parents get surprised all the time. And we hear stories even parents will tell us from home, such and such went home and mowed the lawn today. They never did that before. But being a part of Project Search has just helped them become more independent even outside of their school day.

Audio description: A man takes a box off the top shelf.

Raymond Reynolds, Project SEARCH Mentor. He sits in an office.

Raymond Reynolds: I had assumed that there was a lot more differences. I just knew that there was a lot more gaps between normal, social interactions or normal work. And what I’ve learned is that the people with disabilities that I’ve worked with are loving, caring, fun, and really capable young human beings.

Audio description: A man with a mask on puts trays vertically on a shelf.

Sarah Woodbury, Skills Trainer/Job Developer.

Sarah Woodbury: It is unbelievable how much growth that we can see in an individual. They come in, and they’re shy. And they don’t have any confidence, and they don’t know what they’re capable of. But through the internships, they get to try so many new things. And they get to experience so many successes and so much independence and support. They turn into completely different people. It’s amazing.

Diana Ferrell: It’s been an incredible experience for us. And the growth and the independence we’ve seen has been remarkable.

Project Search Student 5: I like Project Search because, if you ever need to talk about anything, everyone is there for you and supportive.

Project Search Student 2: I like Project Search because they gave me opportunities.

Audio description: A man with a mask on wipes down a yoga ball.

Project Search Student 6: I feel appreciated and valued.

Project Search Student 7: Because it can help me get a job. Project Search has made me happy.

Project Search Student 8: Because I like learning skills and abilities.

Project Search Student 3: Because I like working hard.

Project Search Student 2: I love being a part of Project Search.

Audio description: He smiles.

Logo: Project SEARCH. Logo graphic: A figure that stands on a swirl with one leg and has its arms up with an arc of a swirl, triangle, sun, moon, and stars between its arms.

Text: Filmed, Edited, and Directed by Rebekah Kim.