Did you know that the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is 70%? 

Seventy percent of individuals with disabilities who want to work are sitting at home. Work Opportunities is changing that!  We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to work and find their place in the community.

We are so excited about the lives we are changing and want to share one exceptional story with you!


Roarke’s life is so much fuller than he could ever have imagined! He grew up in a home environment that couldn’t accept his disability and was isolated for most of his childhood and young adult life.  That all changed when he was referred to Work Opportunities!  Despite being told that he could not communicate, he was assigned an employment consultant who specialized in working with deaf clients.  We were astonished when we realized that Roarke was fluent in American Sign Language and had a lot to share.

Roarke now works three days a week at the Center for Families at Edmonds Community College where his work ethic and helpful demeanor make him a very valued employee.  Roarke’s life is no longer isolated and lonely.  He attends a deaf church on Sundays, participates in People First, and uses his video relay phone to call his friends and co-workers.  We believed in his potential and Roarke now lives a full life in his community!

You can help change the lives of the many people with disabilities still looking for their place in the workforce and the community.  Your support is vital in helping us create more success stories each month!

Would you consider donating to help us accomplish our goal of ensuring that 70% of the individuals with disabilities we support achieve employment?

We so value your support!  Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to provide direct assistance to our clients.  You can either donate online, call us at 425-778-2156, or send your donation to Marti Thomas at 127 E Intercity Avenue, Suite B, Everett, Washington 98208.